About IAC

Helplessness is something that parents of children belonging to the spectrum accept all too easily- their minds are constantly racing with questions that seem unanswerable. Many of them find little to no intervention and therapy available for their children in India, a country with a growing population of individuals on the spectrum. This gaping vacuum in intervention services in India is what motivated us to establish our very first daycare center nearly ten years ago. A school that functioned on the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), along with allied services was the need of the hour in Kolkata, India. The school, Amrit Somani Memorial Center (ASMC), started small as most dreams do. It occupied one floor of a four-storeyed building in 2009, and gradually occupied the entire building. What used to provide intervention to only 6 individuals a decade ago, today serves 45.

However, we realized that we could not simply stop there. A greater, more worrying thought occurred to us- something that concerns every parent with a child on the autism spectrum who will soon be transitioning to adulthood. What comes next for the children on the spectrum who will soon become adults? This led to the conceptualization of a one-of-its-kind project on a 52-acre parcel of land where state of the art residential, vocational and daycare facilities will be constructed for individuals on the autistic spectrum. Moreover, it will contain a vocational center, an inclusive general ed. school, a marketplace where people on the spectrum can sell their creations, an arts/music facility, a sports facility, a research center, among other things.