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Our Story

First hand experiences of Suresh Somani (Managing Trustee) and Namita Somani bringing up their son Kalpesh with a neuro-developmental disability led to two initiatives – Amrit Somani Memorial Center (ASMC) run by Namita Somani, and India Autism Center (IAC). Kalpesh, the inspiration behind the project, was raised by Suresh and Namita through joys, sorrows, challenges and findings. Their own observations from these experiences created a deep desire to fill the gaps faced and resultant struggles by other families with similar children.

Corporate Partnership With IACNon Government Organization

Amrit Somani Memorial Center’ (ASMC) started operations in 2008, with one purpose – to provide high quality interventions and support to individuals with Autism and other Developmental Delays. Across the past 15 years and more, ASMC has served over 100 children, each of whom have been the beneficiaries of customised support administered by a loving and more importantly, aptly qualified teacher. In 2022, ASMC expanded into a new building that houses a ‘Vocational Unit.

India Autism Center was born out of this idea, to enable self-reliance among neurodiversity people, and create much required awareness and a sense of empathy within the larger community.

Corporate Partnership With IAC