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Assisted Living
for Autistic Adults

Come Join us at India Autism Center where Education, Empowerment, and Excellence Awaits You. Embark on Your Journey with Autism Schools at IAC. Samaavesh the campus opens in 2026.


Redefine your ways of life in our supportive and fulfilling residential environment. We help you reach your true potential by promoting independence, self-sufficiency and a true sense of community.


Lear, unlearn and relearn - reignite your learning endeavours to achieve success at everything you choose to do. We empower you to learn what speaks to you and at your pace and convenience.


Embrace your better self at our IAC campus. Our experts are here to help you overcome your learning and living challenges and find personalised solutions.


Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with Our Autism Residential Programs

Community Member Housing

Tailored residential facilities for autistic individuals promote a supportive environment, enhancing their comfort, independence, and overall well-being during academic pursuits.

Parents Housing

Specialised residential facilities for parents of autistic individuals to foster a supportive and comfortable living environment.

Our Campus

We aim to empower autistic individuals, promoting their autonomy while ensuring a safe and understanding environment that respects their unique strengths and challenges

Assisted Residential Living at IAC (Residential/Housing):

Autism can present distinct challenges that demand unique and personalised solutions. For many autistic adults, transitioning into an independent living arrangement can be a daunting prospect. India Autism Center takes pride in offering a residential community tailored to their specific needs.


83766+F56, Mallertesh, Banganagar, Baneshwarpur, West Bengal 743513

Recreational Services

Autism recreation programs play a pivotal role in improving the quality of life for autistic individuals. Our recreational services at India Autism Center are designed to address the unique interests and sensory sensitivities of each individual. We understand that autism recreation programs are not just for leisure but an integral part of autism therapies for autistic individuals.

Engaging in appropriate recreational activities is a means to enhance sensory integration, social interaction, and communication skills. Our recreational programs are structured to promote a sense of belonging, helping residents develop friendships, and enjoy their hobbies. From art and music therapy to outdoor adventure and sports, we offer a wide range of autism recreation programs to cater to individual interests.

Food And Canteen Services

A balanced diet and mealtime routines are vital components of a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. For individuals with autism, managing their diet and ensuring nutritional balance can be a complex task. India Autism Center takes the responsibility of providing nutritious meals and ensuring that mealtimes are as stress-free as possible.

Our canteen services are designed to cater to the dietary needs and preferences of each resident. We work closely with individuals and their families to develop meal plans that consider any sensory sensitivities or dietary restrictions. This personalised approach ensures that residents receive the nourishment they need while accommodating their unique needs.

Medical Facility

Access to medical care is paramount for individuals with autism, as it can ensure that their unique healthcare needs are met. At India Autism Center, we understand the importance of a well- equipped and capable medical facility.

Our on-campus medical facility is staffed by healthcare professionals with experience in addressing the healthcare needs of autistic individuals. This facility provides access to routine medical care, as well as specialised services, such as behavioural health consultations and sensory sensitivities management.

We believe that having a comprehensive medical facility on-site is critical for ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents. It is an integral part of our mission to provide autism residential care that is not only supportive but also holistic.

Safety And Security

24*7 Safety Patrol


Campus Clinic



Learning At IAC

At IAC, we understand that autism is a complex condition, and as such, we offer a wide array of services, therapies, and interventions designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals across the spectrum. Our compassionate and experienced team of professionals work tirelessly to empower those with autism.


Living Philosophy



1. What Autism Services are provided at IAC?

IAC offers a comprehensive range of Autism support services, including real-time assessments of the challenges encountered by autistic individuals, insight-driven personalised therapy, educational support, and ongoing care to address the unique needs of autistic individuals. IAC's residential care facilities, training academy to create the right workforce to support autistic individuals and the digital platform to bring in all relevant stakeholders have been instrumental in the autism care sphere.

2. Does IAC offer diagnostic services for autism?

Autism is a neurodiverse condition and at the moment, IAC does not offer autism diagnosis services. However, our efforts start with analysing the contextual challenges encountered by autistic individuals and their caregivers and recommending the next best course of interventions.

3. How are IAC autism services personalised for each individual?

IAC's autism services are highly personalised as we believe each autistic individual is unique and so are his/her support needs. We leverage detailed assessments to understand the individual's strengths and challenges, creating customised intervention plans. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to ensure each autistic person receives targeted support aligned with their unique needs in terms of educational, vocational, clinical and therapeutic support.

4. What therapeutic approaches are used in IAC's autism services?

IAC employs an array of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and sensory integration techniques. The combination of these approaches equips us to address diverse aspects of an autistic individual's holistic well-being.

5. What is the process for enrolling in IAC autism services?

To enrol in IAC's autism services, start by contacting our customer support experts. The process typically involves an initial assessment to understand the individual's needs. Following assessment, a personalised intervention plan is developed, and services can commence based on the agreed-upon schedule and goals.

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