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What are they saying About Us

Our initiatives are being regularly seen and heard across all sections.

When I first read about IAC on paper, the immediate feeling that I got was one of relief as I felt I finally had the answer to the constant fear that I have of ""hat will happen to my son after us". Also as my son has been going to their sister organisation for more than a decade now, I am sure about the care and the concern that they will show to all the members who will join IAC as well. I wish the very best to all the people who are the helm and all the children/adults who will join IAC for a very nurturing and fruitful future ahead.

Monideepa Chanak, Parent

ASMC provides me with an environment that allows me to 'do what I love and love what I do.' Each day at ASMC is interesting, full of learning opportunities and rewarding. Working with the neurodivergent individuals for the past 13 years has taught me to stay compassionate and humble, perceive things from a different lens, recognize individual differences and needs, be more sensitive and celebrate small joys. It is both an honor and blessing to be a part of this amazing Team and be able to create meaningful impact in the lives of so many families.

Aatrika Sarkar, Teacher

I would like to share a little about how blessed and privileged I am everyday to spend time with some of the lovely kiddos.Feeling so lucky that Asmc Kolkata gave me the opportunity to have those wonderful kids to be a part of my life. Knowing that you are helping a child flourish with skills that they can use for the rest of their life is priceless. It has been a nice journey for me since 2010.The best part of this amazing journey is when a child reaches a goal.No matter how small that goal,it is always remarkable to watch kids grow and make progress. Working with them always brings me back great memories.Now I am grateful to be a positive part of another child's life. Working with them as a Therapist is challenging at times,but it is highly rewarding.The rewards outweigh the challenges you face. Working with them has created a special place in my heart and I will never forget the experience.

Debarati Chakraborty, Teacher

It's been an absolute honour to work with differently abled kids & young adults. The last 12 years that I have worked at ASMC has been a learning experience for me and continues to help me grow in other aspects of my life as well. Patience, compassion and dutifulness are some of the qualities that I have found myself inculcating spontaneously in my day to day life. I would like to take the opportunity of quoting a favourite line from one of the movies that I really liked " With great power comes greater responsibilities".

Aniya Choudhury, Teacher

Being a Trainee at ASMC was my first job after I completed my Masters. I've been here for 12 years now and I've learnt and grown so much! My most important learning, however, has been how to see the world differently. My students have taught me this. I look forward to IAC which is our dream project of having a safe space for adults on the spectrum.

Smita Sharma, Teacher

What are they saying about us