Event & Workshop

How to address challenging behaviour of individuals with ASD

 15-15 Jul, 2020


Watch Jennifer Schwartz and Kathleen Stengeltalk about the importance of understanding why a behavior is recurring.  We can do this by figuring out all events surrounding the behavior. 

  • You can follow up with the above point by doing 3 things. Interview a caregiver, observe the behaviour and environment, and finally manipulate the environment by measuring each condition. 

  • The four functions of behavior are attention, escape access to tangibles, and automatics. 

  • Here attention refers to the event that occurs after the behaviour is socially mediated. Escape is the behaviour that has been removed by the removal of the stimulus, activity, or person. 

  • To reinforce appropriate behaviours provide frequent practice opportunities, help them emit the new response and you will notice that problem behaviours are then on extinction.