Event & Workshop

Essential Proactive Behavior Support Strategies

 07-07 Apr, 2020


Watch how Joanne Lara explains that Reinforcement is the key.

  • Using phrases like “I like the way you are thinking” is important. 
  • It is important to make your home environment more structured like a school. In order to do this, you need to plan out the activities of the entire day on a paper with pictures and stick it where the child can see it. 

  • Having a real job agenda on the timetable of the child is very important. These jobs can range from helping the parent to clear out the trash, to washing dishes where the child can maybe just keep the clean dishes on the cabinet. 

  • We need to encourage our children to be self-determined and independent as much as possible. Teaching your child how to eat without help is very important rather than feeding them.

  • To determine the function of a child we must always take into consideration the ecological settings he/she is in. We should not apply specific behavior functions to all environment situations.