Event & Workshop

Antecedent Interventions

 06-06 Jun, 2020


Watch Dr. Neil talk about the three elements to effectively use non-contingent reinforcements which are the amount and quality of reinforcement with known reinforcing effectiveness of NCR, the inclusion of extinction with NCR interventions, and vary the available stimuli with NCR intervention to reduce problems of changing preferences. 

  • Advantages of NCR include easier to apply than contingency based interventions, helps create a positive learning environment, and can strengthen and maintain desirable behaviors. 

  • Few disadvantages of the NCR are that it can disrupt the instructional process and free access to NCR can reduce the motivation to engage in adaptive behaviours. 

  • Functional Communication Training can be used effectively with dense schedules of reinforcement, decreased use of verbal prompts, additional behaviour reduction procedures, and schedule thinning. 

  • When the alternative communication response is being taught initially verbal prompts are often used but after the response is in the individual’s repertoire the verbal prompts should be reduced and eliminated. This assist is removing any prompt dependence.