School And Other Allied Services

A general ed. inclusive school will be set up at the IAC campus. The school will be an important tool with which we aim to educate the society about individuals on the autism spectrum and related conditions, and also ensure that children in the school are exposed to an environment that is embracing of all abilities. 

There will be an extensive team of professionals, comprising special educators, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists who will be a part of the Special Section to provide all the support to children with special needs. The children will be a part of an appropriate learning environment, allowing them to graduate from a regular school equipped with the necessary academic, functional and social skills. 


All students of the school will share the same time table and will participate in all activities, hobbies, physical education and performing arts as provided in the time-table of the regular school. The academic curriculum of the school will be designed according to the needs and abilities of each child, as follows: 


  1. Mainstream; no special support.

  2. Parallel; low to moderate support. 

  3. Functional; high support.

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