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IAC will be providing residential and accommodation facilities to individuals on the autism spectrum. This will be a part of our goal of creating an integrated and all-inclusive society of people with varying abilities, who live with harmony, mutual respect and dignity. Our residential services will also be extended to the  parents and family members who wish to spend time with their children at the Center, and actively engage with their progress here. Our residential center provides parents with the choice of living either short-term (for a few days or months) and long term (can be lifelong) at IAC. 


  • Short term living on campus: Parents of children enrolled at IAC can visit the campus whenever they please; spend their weekends on campus, or even pursue a bunch of activities and courses while they are visiting. For short term living arrangements, IAC will have serviced apartment facilities.

  • Long term living on campus: Parents who wish to apply for permanent housing will have to go through an orientation and training session to ensure that their involvement in the community will be a symbiotic one. Only after successful completion of the same, permanent housing will be confirmed. 

The model of residential living for parents at IAC: Parents can choose a housing facility based on several prototypes available (studio apartment, 1/2/3 BHK, or a Bungalow).


Financial Model of residential living: 


  1. Parents will have the discretion to specify the type of accommodation that best suits their needs from the living units available at IAC.

  2. The structure of this model would be rent based, wherein a security deposit would be taken based on prevailing market prices. 


Housing for parents is available both on and off-campus:

  1. Residence for parents on campus - Parents who are willing to get involved in the activities and other responsibilities on campus, and assist IAC in making progress in the community, will be encouraged to do so. Assignment of on-campus parent residences lies at the sole discretion of IAC. 

  2. Residence for parents off campus - Parents can choose amongst the off-campus housing models built by IAC, should they wish to avail the same. 


Jobs and Community Living For Parents: IAC will also provide employment opportunities to parents who wish to stay full-time at the campus and contribute to the self-sustaining community that we hope to build. Our aim is to create a community that will be a miniature of an ideal society where everyone is an equal participant. 

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