Past Events


Beyond the Wall: An inside view on supporting individuals on the autism spectrum during the time of pandemic and other difficult Situations

Watch how the professor imposed on the importance of The Big 3’s: Maintaining Routines, Clear…

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Live Session: Autism and Sexuality

Watch Dr. Ram's take on sexuality, autism and inclusion which is considered to be a…

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Live Video: Autism Friendly Business

Watch how Nish Parekh talks about the ideal steps to be followed for individuals under…

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Live Session: Advocacy

Watch how Smitha Sadasivan stresses the importance of amplifying our voices against discrimination towards individuals…

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Screening of Kia and Cosmos

Autism awareness is an essential topic and we wish to start the dialogue with the…

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Gunilla Gerland Debating Festival 2019- Hosted by India Autism Center and Jadavpur University Debating Society

India Autism Center in collaboration with Jadavpur University Debating Society has hosted an Inter-College Debating Festival.…

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Panel Discussion on Intersectional Feminism: Gender Equality and Disability inclusion

India Autism Center (IAC) brought in International Women's Day an interactive session for the audience…

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Tata Marathon

India Autism Center and its members ran for the Tata Marathon, Kolkata which aimed to…

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Occupational Therapy Home Strategies

Watch Dr. Bagga talk about a child’s hypersensitive activities that can be eased by using rhythmic movements…

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Supporting Children through the Covid-19

Watch Merry Barua explaining how visual tools come in very handy during this period which…

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Social Play and Friendship Development Program

Watch Joanne Lara explaining how friendships are a base of a network of relationships that…

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Autism and Covid 19: From Surviving through Thriving

Watch how Robert Bernstein talk about the importance of routines and sensory comfort. He advices…

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Essential Proactive Behavior Support Strategies

Watch how Joanne Lara explains that Reinforcement is the key. Using phrases like “I like…

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Brain Re-mapping through Cognitive thinking

Watch Joanne Lara explaining how breaking down tasks to make it simpler. It can range…

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Connection and Communication through Movements in Persons with Autism

Watch how Dr. Aditi talks about the interplay between music and dance in stimulating the brain's…

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Dealing with stress and anxiety during the pandemic

Watch how Dr. Fung talks about the importance of maintaining scheduling during the period of…

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Connection of motor imitation with speech development

Watch how Shereen idiculla talks about Gross motor development in children being important because it…

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Understanding and Working with Problem Behaviors

Watch how Dr. Neil explains that Intervention methods of problem behaviors can be broken down…

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Drama Therapy for personal wellness in the time of lockdown

Watch how Shuktara Lal talks about therapy as an understanding, articulation, and then the possibility…

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Movement is Magic

Watch Jo Chopra talk about how the aim should never be to make a child…

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Understanding and Preventing Problem Behaviors

Watch Amanda Kelly explaining that reinforcement of positive behavior can be brought about by teaching…

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Antecedent Interventions

Watch Dr. Neil talk about the three elements to effectively use non-contingent reinforcements which are…

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Dysregulated and Dysexecutive: Supporting Students with Autism, ADHD and Executive Dysfunction

Watch how Hilary Murphy explains the myth of executive functioning not coming through until adolescence. The…

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Improving Social Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Watch how Azlen Theobald explain the importance of empathy training in enhancing empathetic feelings and understanding of…

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The Benefits of Genetic Testing for Treating Autism

Watch Richard Boles explain typical signs of a large CNV (Copy Number Variants) which are…

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Video modeling and other visual strategies for individuals with ASD

Watch Kaori Nepo and Kathleen Stengel explain some of the visual strategies used for individuals…

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How to address challenging behaviour of individuals with ASD

Watch Jennifer Schwartz and Kathleen Stengeltalk about the importance of understanding why a behavior is recurring.  We can…

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Discussion with Temple Grandin- Tips from Astronauts to help us to cope up with isolated indoor life during Pandemics.

Watch Dr. Temple Grandin talks about Tips from astronauts to help us cope up with…

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India Autism Center-Exclusive

India Autism Center is hosting an exclusive discussion on the vision , services, research and…

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International Conference On Autism, 2020

  India Autism Center is hosting this pre-eminent international conference on autism, bringing together great…

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Great Minds Coming Together

The international conference on autism was held in January 2019. It was a first-of-its-kind event…

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Art Impasto Workshop In Association With Art Room

Impasto is a painting technique where paint is laid on in thick layers on the…

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Drama Therapy Workshop

Watch glimpses of Drama Therapy conducted by Shuktara Lal at Amrit Somani Memorial Center.  

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Adolescent Training and Sex Education Workshop

Watch Dr. Amrita Panda in an exckusive interview with the AB Tv talking about the importance…

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Certified Workshop on Autism Movement Therapy

Watch glimpses of a 2-day workshop on Movement Therapy for Autism conducted by Joanne Lara.

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Helping Parents and Professionals Navigate the Maze of ABA and ASD

The Indian Autism Centre held a day-long event aimed to help with parent empowerment, a…

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