Event & Workshop

Video modeling and other visual strategies for individuals with ASD

 08-08 Jul, 2020


Watch Kaori Nepo and Kathleen Stengel explain some of the visual strategies used for individuals with ASD. These visual strategies are teaching tools for skill development, prompting, communication, reward reinforcement, and self-management. 

  • Few tips to use flashcards effectively are to identify the target skill, gather visuals, determine presentations, and promote correct responses. 

  • Using positional prompts increases the probability of correct responses and may prevent errors. Example: Setup the correct item closer to the student while distractors may remain further away in the array. 

  • In order to implement prompts effectively, we need to assess the need of prompts, decide the level of prompts, and fade prompts as quickly as possible. 

  • Some of the tips for functional communication training are setting opportunities, determining the system, and being consistent. 

  • Few tips for video modeling are to find/ adapt a system that works for each child, shape independence, and naturally available reinforcers.