Event & Workshop

Supporting Children through the Covid-19

 10-10 Sep, 2020


Watch Merry Barua explaining how visual tools come in very handy during this period which makes the child totally aware of the changes in his routine and can help him perceive the new structure in his life.

  • Having cutouts of his daily routine like a wake up at 7 am, Breakfast at 10 am where the child can see them, considerably reduces his stress levels. 
  • Timers which ring after every slot of the routine give more stability to the child’s mind. 

  • Above all the mental health of the parents is also of utmost importance where they need to take out some time for themselves in order to create a well-balanced family environment.

  • Words used while speaking to the child should be done in a patient and encouraging tone. Instead of asking the child that "Why can’t you keep quiet?" if he is making too much noise, the words should be addressed as "Can you be a little quiet?"

  • During these times of distress, we could use platforms like zoom and skype in order to have a feeling of togetherness. Such meetings can be made more productive by having a ‘sing-a-long’ if the child loves music.