Event & Workshop

Social Play and Friendship Development Program

 13-13 Apr, 2020


Watch Joanne Lara explaining how friendships are a base of a network of relationships that will allow individuals with disabilities to be a vital part of their community,

  • All children with disabilities express the desire/need for peer culture affiliation.
  • As a parent arrange play partners for all play sessions and always be present at all times in all locations wherever the play session is being held. 

  • Make a routine out of the play dates for it to have a consistent day every week and try to arrange for the costs incurred for both your own child and also the other neurotypicals or otherwise children present, 

  • Friendships help to develop social growth, cognitive growth, and emotional development in children with disabilities. The best teachers of age-appropriate social skills are age-appropriate social peers. 

  • Small ways that parents can help children develop friendships are to make the child attend the neighborhood school, let the teaching staff know that social interactions and friendship are important to you and lastly to be clear with them about waiving confidentiality where you are comfortable to give your child’s or your names and phone numbers out.