Event & Workshop

Occupational Therapy Home Strategies

 08-08 Apr, 2020


Watch Dr. Bagga talk about a child’s hypersensitive activities that can be eased by using rhythmic movements like swinging and jumping in a gym ball or just swinging the child in your lap and rubbing their skin for some time can do wonders for his aggressive behavior.

  •  As soon as the child calms down a little, you could grab his attention a little more by making various facial expressions in between. If the hypersensitivity is because the child is free, the best way to engage him is to indulge him in a lot of play. These techniques can be treated as independent skills ranging from making tea for the parents in a kitchen set or preparing the bed for a doll in a doll set. 

  • If the child has poor muscle tone, easy to do home activities like dragging chairs, climbing stairs holding school bags, and commando walk can help a lot. 

  • In order for the child to achieve body awareness, activities like jumping, walking on the cushion sets, and self bouncing on the gym ball can help get the child through to it. 

  • Gross motor skills activities can be achieved through simple tricks like hitting the hanging ball, kicking the moving soccer ball, picking up the moving balls and various attractive bowling games.