Event & Workshop

Movement is Magic

 12-12 May, 2020


Watch Jo Chopra talk about how the aim should never be to make a child sit quietly. If the child is sitting quietly, not taking part in activities, and not trying to have fun then that is a problem. We should immediately check if the child is feeling or not, has a fever, or any other illness which is bothering him. 

  • It is important for parents to set examples for their children by using less technology in front of their children. This sends a message that a lot of activity can be accomplished without movement but physical activity/ exercise is one of the most essential aspects for these children to learn. A child may know how to walk but they need help with agility, balance, and coordination and if they are unable to develop these then it will be difficult for them to maintain friendships which mainly involves a lot of play around such physical activities. 

  • Hopscotch, skipping, Jump rope, and freeze tag are games that help in determining pre-reading skills. These are games that need several levels of sequencing which can be complex for the brain to understand. Such sequencing thorough games help a child understand better in which pattern he should learn reading from a book, then he needs to read one line after another, and next, he needs to turn the page. 

  • Ball play, Hula hoop, frisbee, and table tennis are games that help to determine logical understanding further contributing to the development of Pre-Math skills. The sequencing of manipulation time, space, that someone needs to put down the ball and then get up, wait for the ball to come are all such skills which will prepare the child to stay on tasks longer, follow directions better and the quality of work also improves.

  • Some of the ways where such activities can be made autism-friendly is first by using social stories to explain to them the process. Next. you should be organized and set up the things for the activities from before-hand. For example: keeping your timer ready, switching off your phones, etc. You can also use visual timetables.