Event & Workshop

Great Minds Coming Together

 02-07 Sep, 2020
 Swabhumi, The Heritage Plaza, Kolkata, India

ABOUT THE conference

The international conference on autism was held in January 2019. It was a first-of-its-kind event where dignitaries from across the world came together to talk about ASD, focusing on many leading and upcoming research and clinical practices in the field, keeping with the theme of the conference - “Great Minds Coming Together”. 1100 people registered for the international conference on autism 800 people attended the conference 30 eminent speakers from all over the world graced our conference with their presence. Dignitaries from across the world addressed the concerns of parents of autistic children and offered many solutions through the dialogue. The conference garnered press coverage.


India Autism Center hosted this pre-eminent international conference on autism, bringing together great minds to talk on Autism