Event & Workshop

Dealing with stress and anxiety during the pandemic

 01-01 May, 2020


Watch how Dr. Fung talks about the importance of maintaining scheduling during the period of lockdown. 

  • As schools are mostly closed, there is no hurry for the child to wake up in the morning but we should make sure that the sleep cycles do not completely change. For example, A child who is getting up at 12 pm now because there is no school will find it extremely difficult to adjust to the new routine when school reopens. 
  • Social stories are very important because it makes the child more comfortable with the change and the situations they are in. Make sure you use social stories to explain the current situation and the change in routines. 

  • Use this time to teach your children independent living skills like cooking and helping out in the process. This will help the family to bond together and will also be contributing to the child’s development. 

  • A healthy diet, good sleep hygiene, and physical activity are very essential for adults and children during the pandemic to balance and live in a good space of mind. 

  • Telehealth appointments can come in very handy when an individual on the spectrum is going through serious issues like isolation and aggressive behavior. Talking to professionals in such cases can give ample amounts of relief.