Daycare Center




Amrit Somani Memorial Center (ASMC) is a private day-care intervention center for children with neurodevelopmental delays. The teachers at ASMC engage with students through one-on-one ABA therapies, structured classes and vocational skills that focus on every individual’s strengths instead of their weaknesses. With the aim of preparing every student to eventually integrate into schools and the larger community, ASMC provides end-to-end care through initial consultation, in-school courses, and post-school guidance for every enrolled student. Most importantly, through one-on-one consultations with students and the constant relaying of progress reports with their families, the teachers at ASMC form personal, deep and trusting relationships that are key ingredients for the optimum development of any child. Centrally located at Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata, the center spans six floors with 40 teachers attending to 40 students respectively.




- The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has stood the test of time at ASMC and continually provides favourable outputs towards the holistic development of our students.

- Customized curriculums are designed to further encourage the honing of identified strengths in every student.

- Incorporating inclusive, safe and supportive spaces, ASMC harbours a conducive environment for optimal development of those on the spectrum.

- Through the provision of “at-home intervention” parents and caregivers can avail of personalized training to encourage a similar wellness climate at home.

- Vocational training based on every student’s interests and skills allows them to find employment in-house as well as outside the center.

-  To ensure holistic development, students at ASMC are encouraged to pursue academic studies and creative passions ranging from math calculations to cooking and painting.