Campus Ambassador

Become a Campus Ambassador: Our Campus Ambassador program is an excellent opportunity for college students who want to make a difference. Under this program, the Campus Ambassador will be the representative of their college/university at IAC. They will be in charge of organizing IAC events, workshops, awareness programs, etc in their campuses and will be the sole point of contact. Students will be awarded recommendation letters, upon completion of this program.

Train and work at our Daycare Center

Become a Behavior Technician: You can apply for a certified training program/workshop at our daycare center, and become a Behavior Analyst/Technician. This specialized training will allow you to work with children on the autism spectrum - to study their problems, and implement strategies to fix the problem behaviors.

Current Openings

You can also drop in your resume in our pool of candidates, and we will get in touch with you as soon as an opportunity matching your job-profile arises.