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ASMC Day Care Center

About Us

Amrit Somani Memorial Center (ASMC) is a private, nonprofit day care intervention center in Kolkata for children with Developmental Delays.

At ASMC, we apply the principles of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach autistic children in the center, home, school and community. We strive to help the parents too by guiding how they shall be responsible in carrying out the duties as a facilitator and a parent at the same time, thereby targeting each behavioral issue of the child in a unique way.

Our Aim

  • To provide high quality ABA intervention to children with ASD or Developmental Delay.
  • To design individualised curriculum plans for each student to help them reach their full potential.
  • To provide a healthy, safe and secure environment conducive for learning and where our children will want to come every day.
  • To foster relationships that benefits our children between center, home and school.

 Our Vision

An improved quality of life for all our students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), whether this is through improving communication, language comprehension, play and social skills, academics, self-sufficiency or vocational skills. These changes have to be observable and sustainable in the child’s life outside of the center for them to be considered a life changing improvement.

 ASMC Vocational Center

What We Will Do?

 Create a state of the art and well equipped center which is designed to allow for engaging in and teaching of:

Self-care skills e.g. dressing bathing, grooming, basic cooking skills etc.

  • Daily living skills e.g. making bed, wiping the table, vegetable preparation
  • Vocational work such as
    • Technical jobs e.g. use of computer programmes for data entry, designing
    • Official or administrative jobs e.g. stock taking,  dictation,
    • Creative work e,g. jewelry making, sewing, photography
    • Service industry jobs e.g. baking, catering, waitressing.
  • Pre requisite academic and language skills – no matter what age, the student core building blocks will never be skipped.
  • Stimulating recreation, creative development and socialization e.g. yoga classes, art classes, music classes, dance classes etc.


 We at ASMC have always believed that our responsibility for our students learning does not stop when they reach adulthood and often only becomes even more essential, and have always sought to provide intervention appropriate to any of age of student within the restricted space of our current center.  Our new vocational center is a natural progression in our vision of an improved quality of life for all our students through providing them with loving, ethical and high quality evidence based intervention and support that is appropriate for their age and long-term goals.